Welcome to my Blog



Is this a blog about a she-bitch who runs with the wolves? Um, no. Is this a feminist anti-man, anti-establishment tome? Not even close. Is this a dating chronicle riddled with lament and woe over not finding a good man or the state of my geriatric ovaries? I’d rather poke my eye out.

What it is is a good natured look at a life lived against the grain, perhaps in perpetual pubescence. I live like a bachelor and I’m lovin’ (mostly) every minute of it – with nary a cat in sight.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog

  1. rjl2727

    ok spinster, you had liked something on my blog today. and when that occurs, seldom as it does, i feel obliged to check out the other’s blog. yet, i never feel obliged to follow if a) they are selling anything at all; b) they are trying to convert me to any belief, c) their content is stupid; or d) it it of just no interest to me. you, however, seem to fit none of those categories, and as i like the looks of your blog, i am glad to follow and eager to absorb. thanks for coming by mine so i could find yours. peace and dreams. bob

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